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Pop up cycle lane needed

Large brick and steel barriers preventing access for all to traffic-free route. Remove barriers and surface for all year round use for all.

Cycle route with massive barriers preventing use by many. Get the barriers out

The path is too narrow, poor visbility at the junction, and often impassable without the adjacent A6 because of flooding. Even a small amount of rain produces a puddle 10 feet wide, 30 feet long and 6 inches deep.

There is not a bikeshare location here.

Bikeshare at Watermead North

Pedestrians have to cross the bridge with full traffic to get to the businesses in the Business Park coming from the Loughborough direction. They are terrified having nowhere to walk except on the road with oncoming cars.

Improve cycle path conditions and road markings where cycle way crosses road

Fast road (50 mph), busy most of the time, little blind 'summit' half way along. Could be a good connection between north-west and south-west Loughborough.

No pathways from Syston to Barkby or Queniborough at this location causing walkers and runners on the road.

The bike lane is useless because it suddenly ends in two places where there is a central refuge for pedestrians. Twice now I have nearly been hit by a bus when travelling along here, I am now avoiding it as I regard it as unsafe. It either ... [more]

Bushes need to be kept right down and leaves cleared to maintain cycle access.

As per #153767

Extend joint cycle / footpath from East Goscote to Rearsby by making the footpath joint use. If the path could be widened it would also have traffic calming measures

Entry to cycle lane from pavement is dangerous... coincides with cars exiting roundabout... cycle lane is not wide enough and too close to roundabout.

Existing cycleway in dreadful condition... needs repair.

Route 1 cycleway joins road on Platts Lane, Cossington but 2 way traffic is allowed to go up to 50 mph with very narrow footpath so reduce speed limit and or widen path but make the road one way only.

The existing path along the old railway line from Pitsford Dr through to Clowbridge Dr is now in a very poor state, with large patches of mud and uneven surfaces. If this track was resurfaced it would provide a good clear and traffic free c ... [more]

No lights and is unsafe through winter months

Poorly lit, new footpath has no lights at all. Is unsafe for pedestrians and cyclists.

We don’t use a car to visit Bradgate due to parking issues but the path on Bradgate Rd is quite narrow for young children on bikes and scooters directly adjacent to fast road so a wider shared use path would be safer.

No safe cycle path from Woodhouse to Woodhouse Eaves. Cycling only able on road with cars overtaking on bends. Would link Loughborough via track from Beaumanor Hall to Woodhouse Eaves and Beacon Hill

Ban cars parking in the marked cycleways with double yellow lines. Children cannot use them to go to school especially when parents are collecting!

Improve surface for cycling as a route to Loughborough and the university from Woodhouse Eaves

Provide a 250m footpath on the highway verge to link between the Willow Road roundabout and when the footpath restarts opposite the cemetery. The route around the village is regularly used by all ages; to provide the missing link of 250 ... [more]

I have cycled from Sileby to Barrow-on – Soar, but it was extremely dangerous because car drivers were very close to me as they overtook along the Sileby Barrow Road. I would like to see a cycle lane from Sileby that links up to Mountsorr ... [more]

I have cycled from Sileby to Barrow-on-Soar, but it was extremely dangerous because car drivers were very close to me as they overtook. I would like to see a cycle lane from Sileby that links up to Mountsorrel Lane, and connects to Mountsor ... [more]

New cycle path is useful but lack of green man/pedestrian crossing at new traffic lights on slip road is dangerous. Why wasn't this installed with the recent changes?

Used to get to Watermead and Cedars Academy, narrow road and although speed restricted it is very dangerous, one fatality this year that I know of

Cycle way crossing the road at this junction is in a position that makes it impossible to see cars turning in (often at speed) from Ling Road. A suggestion would be to make the crossing completely adjacent to Ling Road (i.e. move the Bea ... [more]

Loading bays used as parking spaces which encroach on the pavement preventing social distancing

Pavement at a steep angle, so difficult for my mobility-scooter using neighbours to travel to the supermarket.

Need to improve adherence to speed limits on this stretch of Melton Rd

Existing cycle path is used as a car park by the hand car wash, time for a new cycle path

Missing sign for left turn

Biggin St should be access only for taxis and delivery vehicles. It's a dead end street with 5 disabled bays. Far too much traffic, heart of pedestrian area.

Too many cars trying to access the 5 short stay parking bays. Difficult to turn. Stop cars entering this section. it's supposed to be pedestrianised anyway.

Very very narrow pavement leading upto sacred heart school. Get rid of traffic calming,widen pavement, cut car traffic by making this section of beacon rd one way

Very very narrow footpath at Ward's End, Cattlemarket, Devonshire Square. Get rid of on-street parking to widen footpath.

3 lanes for cars. narrow footpath for pedestrians.

Need a change here to stop people parking in the cycle lane

Very narrow street, several close passes here every day.

Several bike share locations around watermead. Maybe at each car park?

The cycleway (green route 1 and NCN 48) passes through the pub car park. This is not safe and is now barricaded so you have to carry your bike over the barricade or down steps. Remove the steps to give good access to the towpath.

Needed cycle lane to go from the cycle route and go down towards syston

Goes down to a cycle route but no cycle path, cars wizz so fast passed you

Really tiny path to walk on and no cycle path

Too many cyclists, cars and vans travelling too fast for the high number of pedestrians and small children. Add 5 mph speed limit along the whole road.

The pavement only runs a little way along the main road. If there was a pavement to Thrussington we could safely walk the dog to our nearest local independently owned shop instead of having to go by car. Cats and dogs are regularly killed o ... [more]

Between barrow and sileby. Create cycle way as Sileby kids have travel to secondary school in barrow and many don't qualify for the school bus

Melton Rd through the centre is very narrow, perhaps it could be changed to a one way?

The cycle lane for riding against the traffic is not marked clearly meaning cars are not aware you are allowed to cycle against the flow.

New cycle path is useful but lack of green man/pedestrian crossing at new traffic lights on slip road is dangerous. Why wasn't this installed with the recent changes?

This crossing on a bend is extremely dangerous for pedestrians as it forces people crossing the road to reach the public footpath to cross on the bend. The north side footpath must be extended to Beaumanor Drive to remove the need to cross ... [more]

This a strategic cycle link between the University and the Town centre. The car parking spaces must be removed and replaced by a segregated cycle lane. This would have immense benefits for the thousands of university students and workers an ... [more]

This is a very wide road. A segregated cycle route could be easily implemented here

New cycle path is helpful, but no green man on lights to indicate to cyclists and pedestrians when it is safe to cross - needs pedestrian crossing at all exits on this roundabout

Bridge has fast moving traffic and poor visibilty making it narrow and dangerous for cyclists.

This stretch of cycle path is very narrow, completely unlit and prone to vegetation encroaching the route. It's very scary using this section in the dark as you are pushed out into the traffic without any street lighting. A wider path, si ... [more]

30 miles per hour. Traffic very fast

Lots of people parking on residential roads around this area who are going to the train station

Widen cycle way to stop the need to cycle on pavements

Vehicle speeds well in excess of speed limit

Do we need a dual carriageway that only stretches for 500m? Segregated cycleway would be appreciated here

Goodes Lane/Pembroke Avenue is as a rat run for people living in the "Barkby New Estate". Please consider making this road a Low Traffic Neighborhood as there is also a school nearby.

Dangerous bend without visibility - a path is needed for pedestrians

Dangerous bends for both cyclists and pedestrians, could be improved with road straightening and a pathway.

Allow cycles to share the path or travel on the road against one way traffic flow to ease access to Sainsburys and Ashby Road.

Cut back hedging on cycle way so that it can be used as designed.

Allow cycling at all times

Allow cyclists to ride against the flow on this one way street

The designated cycle route through the market place cannot be used during the day! Allow cycling at all times on cycle routes.

Pavement here is in poor state or pedestrians and cyclists to share route. - Tree roots under path have created trip hazards - route could do with re surfacing.

Make a school street

Do something about parents parking on the pavements for school drop offs

Make this a school safe street so children can socially distance

Better road markings and signage for cyclists turning right from Syston Road (heading east) onto cycleway (and also signage for cars to slow down and warn of cyclist turning ahead)

Pathway too narrow, and on blind bend, dangerous for pedestrians and school children. No way to social distance

Overgrown verges and lack of pavement/path makes this an intimidating place for pedestrians. Could be wider and clearer, and open up access to many parts of countryside and increase access to Rushey Lane, and Swithland Woods.

Excellent lane with some potholes, could easily link up many other routes if formally a cycle lane, particularly route from Loughborough to Woodhouse, swithland and beyond to Leicester

Make it clear the footpath here is NOT a cycleway, very narrow path not suitable for both, yet due to nearby dedicated cycleways many use this as a shared path incorrectly.

Footpath is narrow and people need to queue on it for the pharmacy, not leaving enough room for other people to pass while keeping a safe distance

This is a really dangerous junction for pedestrians and cyclists. It is very wide so takes a while to get across and traffic comes in 3 directions, (off the dual carriageway, from across the carriageway and out of the road) a lot being HGV ... [more]

Bradgate Park was left to the city but 30% of us haven't got a car. Put a 30mph zone on Bradgate Road and use the speed camera revenue to build this public footpath into a bike path. Once it's finished you can put the limit back up to 60 a ... [more]

Resurface the road and have a cycle lane.

Regular cycling route , single lane at the moment

Regular cycling route , single lane at the moment

Narrow footpaths on cul de sac with Primary school, nursery and sheltered accommodation and residential homes

This footpath was supposed to be improved and paved right along here and along the south edge of the sports ground as far as the A50, replacing the rough and overgrown track round the west side of this field. They have only done so to this ... [more]

Perhaps a wider pavement to allow for social distancing and queuing outside shops.

Cars travelling too fast

Add cycle tracks along the A6

Close this link to Westbound traffic - Make one-way & provide paths for people ...

Gynsill Lane has a short section of cycleway linking into it from either end but neither end has a proper connection to the carriageway or better still a continuation cycle route. Recent development creates increased traffic and cycle dema ... [more]

The path disappears for a section of Birstall Road. Can the path please run the full length of both sides of the road?!

The existing combined cycleway/footway is too narrow

Why do we have "Cyclists Dismount" signs on this cycleway, but not on the western side of the roundabout, where you are directed much closer to the parapet railings

This cycle cut through can be obstructed by parked cars. We need waiting restrictions that are enforced

This cycle cut through can be obstructed by parked cars. We need waiting restrictions that are enforced

This cycle cut through can be obstructed by parked cars. We need waiting restrictions that are enforced

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